TPS Associates is primarily an Engineering and Technical Support Services Company supporting the US NAVY and other DoD branches. Our specialty is in the area of acquisition support of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Emerging Test Program Sets (TPS). This combination of ATE and TPS test qualify and fault isolate Electronic Systems for various Military Aircraft. Our Services include assisting the Government in Reviewing and Accepting TPS’s at TPS Development Prime Contractor sites and On-Site Verifications (OSVs) ashore and afloat.

Our Engineers, Programmers and Logisticians also provide services including Systems Engineering, Program Management, Acquisition Management, Software Design and Integration Logistics Support (ILS).

We also manufacture high quality Electronic and Mechanical hardware products for the DoD including Battery Chargers, Inverters, Leak Testers, Lift Tables, Hoists, Cables, Breakout Boxes and Antenna Covers, to name a few. These products are in the Supply System (click on Manufacturing for details).

We welcome opportunities to support your Technical Requirements.